Optimizing Content and App Placement Across

Connected TV Devices

With more digital entertainment available than ever before, and more ways to consume this content, how do you monitor your Titles or Apps across VoD stores?

 Only getting web store data?

73% of viewing is taking place on Connected TV devices.

From compliance to merchandising, we’ve got you covered.

Vizibility™ – Are you struggling to see your placements?

Looper Insights provides the World’s first automated solution to track all UIs across Connected TV devices and Web Stores.

Now you can finally see all of your Titles and Apps in one place, and ensure they’re live, priced correctly and being promoted in the most valuable position. Track your new Releases Titles to make sure they’ve gone live on time and not too early.

Track your products across their entire lifecycle from PVoD to TVoD, and SVoD to AVoD.

Title by Title Compliance

Check your new releases and entire content library, including pricing, artwork, availability and placement.

With increased Vizibility and your desired avails and pricing information, you can identify where any compliance issues lie. With our New Release alerts you can also make sure your Titles are released at the right time.

Understand the Value of your placement

Use Looper data science to gain insights on the value of spots for both paid and earned media placements, as well as what your competitors are doing within the same store.

Looper Insights gives you the power to reach your full potential





Who we work with

We work with some of the largest media producers, distributors and aggregators in the World,

and give them the tools they need to ensure stand-out placements.

The Looper Testimonials

Now that we’re using the Looper Insights platform, my time has freed up to focus on the things that deliver the biggest benefit to our company. Over only a short period, we’ve seen a drop in priority issues that need to be resolved and I now have more time to effectively manage our EST business.

Michael Rycyzyn

Digital Content Licensing and Distribution, A+E Networks

The Looper Insights platform has saved Cinedigm time and resources by automating a very time-consuming, manual process. This allows the company to function more efficiently, especially when releasing a large volume of titles each week.

Looper’s technology fits in with our goal to utilize machine-based automation across our entire digital supply chain in order to scale our Digital & OTT business much faster.

Tony Huidor

Chief Technology & Product Officer, Cinedigm