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The future of VoD distribution is smart and autonomous

The Looper platform has been developed specifically to help the Film and TV industry to:


  • A single interface to all your Film and TV titles across transactional stores and markets
  • Track merchandising and promotions across all your stores
  • Availability, pricing, positioning, artwork, metadata for every title

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Looper Insights - SEE


  • Update wholesale pricing & availability for any title, store and territory
  • Make bulk price updates seamlessly
  • Actionable insights on your data created by Looper’s algorithms

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Looper Insights - MANAGE


  • Boost your sales revenue
  • Make better decisions based on a holistic view of your sales, pricing and merchandising trends
  • Increase conversions with exclusive use of a visual saliency tool to analyse the success of your artwork and marketing activity

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Looper Insights - OPTIMISE

Why Looper?

  • We work exclusively with the Film & TV industry
  • Everything we do is focused on increasing your revenues and reducing your costs
  • Continuous innovation and unique tools & features
  • Easy-to-use platform designed around your workflow
  • Cost effective and priced to suit your business



Boost to VoD revenues with our optimisation data


Opportunities to grow revenue for every title



Lost revenue over 3 days due to a single ‘unseen’ missing title


Average cost per year to manage stores manually

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