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As a Marketing Leader, are you not getting the information you need from your Web Store, MVPDs, Games Consoles, Streaming and Smart TV distribution partners?

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Looper Insights provides you with the Vizibility™ to understand where and how your content and entertainment apps are being promoted across various platforms and devices. You can track Titles across their whole life-cycle, as well as your and your competitors’ apps.

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The Looper Insights platform gives your Marketing team the realtime Vizibility™ that is required to monitor campaign effectiveness across digital strorefronts. Effortlessly maximize your on-store presence and understand which strategies should be employed to increase ROI. 


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With such a large catalogue of world-class movies and TV shows going to 222 million subscribers, in 190 countries and 30 languages, how do you track your content and App across Web Stores and Connected TV devices?

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