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How Looper Insights can help Paramount to unleash the power of content

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Left to right: Vizio TV US, Fire TV US, PlayStation 4 US, Cox Contour 2 US

Paramount+, Apple TV+ and HBO Max propose a triple threat

March 2022 was a month that saw many streaming Apps pushing their content to the centre of the ring, with hopes of giving users a hook The most common display saw 3 opponents per App entering the fight for subscribers.

The winner, Paramount+.

With stunning, un-missable visuals of key talent accompanied by branded taglines such as ‘A Mountain Of Entertainment’ and ‘Women Who Move Mountains’ (in honour of International Women’s Day), users were served up one hell of a show, with clear instruction on how to get a front row seat.

But who won in March overall, in terms of digital merchandising performance? Click here to find out.

Not getting the information you need from your MVPDs, Games Consoles, Streaming and Smart TV distribution partners? 

We’re here to help

Looper Insights provides you with the Vizibility™ to understand where and how your content and entertainment apps are being promoted across various platforms and devices. You can track Titles across their whole life-cycle from Premium Access and VoD to SVoD and AVoD, as well as your and your competitors’ apps.

Paramount Content

For P&L and Analytics Teams

We help your team optimize merchandising efforts, to get more views, more subscribers and less churn. You’ll be able to understand with our Media Placement Value which placements have worked best for you and why, and therefore what you should be investing in.

For Marketers and Account Managers

Effortlessly maximize your on-store presence and understand which strategies should be employed to increase ROI. Use our data to negotiate better spots, to unlock promotional opportunities that you would otherwise be unaware of, and to track Titles and Apps across their whole life-cycle from Premium Access and VoD to SVoD and AVoD.

For Compliance Teams

Timing is critical when it comes to compliance reporting, as you need to know in real-time if your Titles and Apps are live, priced correctly and contain the right artwork. We can help you to identify any issues within the platform, and easily correct them from one central location.

Paramount dominates across theatrical, transactional and streaming. With such a  large catalogue of world-class brands across hundreds of territories, how do you track your content and Apps across Connected TV devices and Web Stores?


Click on the images below to view our overview deck, client case study and Merchandiser of the Month rankings.


Paramount Audit

May 5th 2022

We ran an audit for your transactional team on 10 Paramount films and 10 CBS TV series, here are the results…

You have 22 Pricing and 8 Availability issues that are needing to be addressed on Amazon U.S.

We can also offer you tracking of Paramount+ and Pluto TV Apps and Titles across Connected TV Devices



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