Data Scientist

Employment Type: Full-time, Permanent

Location: Remote, GMT/BST timezone

Salary: £40,000 – £50,000

The Role

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will be responsible for turning data into decisions that have a large impact on our customers’ businesses. You’ll draw insight and meaning from large transactional datasets (think: online shops), often using Looper’s IP to enrich these third party data such as ONS, CDRC, and our own proprietary data.

You’ll join calls and meetings with our clients to share insights and recommendations, and will collaborate with our Customer Success team to create a coherent delivery plan over time depending on client needs.

You’ll work within our documented processes for data security and GDPR compliance, and ethically, you’ll remember that asking “should we” is just as important as “can we”.

Key Responsibilities

Scoping projects:

  • Proposing new measures and KPIs for clients
  • Development of product enhancements and new applications of our technology

Importing & cleansing data:

  • Crafting and running processes for data validation and QA
  • Discovering & analysing new datasets to drive improvements in Looper products
  • Restructuring client data according to a standard process

Running analyses:

  • EDA
  • Cluster analysis
  • Text processing
  • Predictive modelling

Reporting back insights:

  • Creating and deploying dashboards and data vis to help our clients understand the relationships in their data
  • Creating markdown reports that help clients better understand their own data and insights derived from it


What we’re looking for


Our ideal candidate will have 2+ years experience working in a Data Science/Data Analysis/statistics role in a commercial environment, with solid knowledge of R and Shiny, and thorough experience of data cleaning and initial handling of unfiltered/non machine readable datasets.

You’ll be highly numerate and analytical with a broad understanding of data science techniques and technologies, and the common sense to know when each of them should be applied. Curiosity and a willingness to learn is important. We want you to grow as the business grows.

Building a start-up is exciting, challenging and rewarding, so determination, grit and stamina are key. You’ll be a self-starter who can move forward in the face of unknowns and can help bring clarity and impact to projects.

You will have an Independent, problem-solving mindset, with an eye for detail and designing robust & tidy code and solutions, and will be happy to collaborate with other teams including less technical team members – with a natural dedication to nurture, lead & inspire your team-mates to achieve their potential.

A lifelong learner, you’ll be able to balance mathematical rigour with a practical mindset to solve real business challenges, and you will be extremely skilled at managing your time, balancing ad hoc requests from customers with long-term project goals.

Essential skills:

  • Precision in working practices
  • Version Control
  • Analysis workflows (Notebooks, Drake etc)
  • AWS/S3
  • Statistical techniques (supervised/unsupervised learning, NLP, time series analysis, PCA, A/B tests, GLM, Bayesian Methods)
  • Familiarity with good coding practices
  • Comfortable explaining your analysis to a non-technical audience


Desirable Skills:

  • Experience working with eCommerce or marketing datasets
  • GIS data
  • Some SQL and Python is desirable.
  • Familiarity with unit testing
  • Working with APIs
  • Experience scraping data (Scrapy / beautifulsoup / rvest /selenium)
  • Experience with designing / architecting project workflows
  • Running automated jobs

Hopefully It goes without saying that you will have impeccable integrity and ethical standards – Looper is a fast-paced and dynamic environment, but respect for each other is the foundation of our culture.

About us

Looper Insights is a scale up in the Video on Demand (VoD) industry and we are growing fast. In the last 12 months our B2B cloud-based analytics software has been taken by some of the biggest names in the VoD sector. We have just scratched the surface of a huge untapped market.

Our product is an innovative and unique SaaS analytics solution, presenting data captured by our own hardware and software. We analyse product positioning for any app, content and streaming service shown in the digital User Interface (UI) of connected devices.

Clients need visibility of their products to create promotions that drive their sales, views, customer acquisition and help reduce customer churn in the hyper competitive world of streaming services. We are currently the only service, globally, that provides this data.

We are the first mover in this new category and we are enjoying a momentum of sales and interest from the biggest players in content and streaming services.

We have established data labs in London and Los Angeles to collect data and analyse insights on Film and TV placement for VoD stores across territories. Our software service provides data for marketeers to get full visibility on the correlation between promotions, sales spikes, ROI on promotions and insights they can use to plan strategies and tactics which improve their overall ROI. Our clients include VoD stores, Film/TV Studios and Broadcasters.

With a dynamic culture that celebrates group and individual success, we have lean teams of super-smart, hard-working colleagues who collaborate closely to produce a valuable service for an industry about which we’re all passionate. We work with some of the biggest, most dynamic technology and media companies in the world; we love working with them and we love pushing ourselves to provide greater solutions and customer experiences for them.

Employment at Looper

Looper was designed from the ground up to operate as a global distributed team, working from the UK, Europe, West Coast USA and South America, with a belief in autonomy, responsibility and trust. That means a flexible schedule and the room to get your head down and produce excellent work. If you need to do the school run, or go for a walk to think through an idea, we trust you to get things done however you do them best. Life at Looper is about outcomes.

We are committed to diversity and the principle of equal opportunity for all employees. You will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national, social or ethnic origin, age, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, family or parental status, or any status protected by the laws of England and Wales.

To apply for this role please send your CV to, along with a covering letter introducing yourself.