Employment Type: Permanent

Location: Remote, London-based for access to Lab

Salary: £40-60k

Looper Insights is a scale up in the Video on Demand (VoD) industry and we are growing fast. In the last 12 months our B2B cloud-based analytics software has been taken by some of the biggest names in the VoD sector. We have just scratched the surface of a huge untapped market.

Our product is an innovative and unique SaaS analytics solution, presenting data captured by our own hardware and software. We analyse product positioning for any app, content and streaming service shown in the digital User Interface (UI) of connected devices. Our product fulfils the needs of content marketeers for data on their products’ positioning and performance on each connected device.

Clients need visibility of their products to create promotions that drive their sales, views, customer acquisition and help reduce customer churn in the hyper competitive world of streaming services. We are currently the only service, globally, that provides this data.

We are the first mover in this new category and are enjoying a momentum of sales and interest from the biggest players in content and streaming services.

We have established data labs in London and Los Angeles to collect data and analyse insights on Film and TV placement for VoD stores across territories. Our software service provides data for marketeers to get full visibility on the correlation between promotions, sales spikes, ROI on promotions and insights they can use to plan strategies and tactics which improve their overall ROI. Our clients include VoD stores, Film/TV Studios and Broadcasters.


    Looper Labs

    Looper Labs form the core of our data collection strategy. In our labs, we connect set top boxes (STBs), TVs and other connected devices to our scraping platform in order to provide our customers data on where their titles are being promoted. To support device scraping, we have a custom RaspberryPi-based solution that the labs maintains and deploys around the world.

    In the labs, we orchestrate and manage this fleet using industry standard DevOps tools and procedures, including AWS Systems Manager, CloudWatch, and Ansible. We also manage virtual networks, physical networks, VPN connections around the world to connect custom hardware and software at scale.

    Looper track Apps on Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes around the world for every brand of device. They have contracts with Amazon, HBOMax and other big names in the VoD sector. They are the only company operating in this space and will be servicing 6,000 customers globally in the next 5 years.

    Looper use boxes they have named Looperboxes that are connected to a SmartTV and set top box to collect the data. Looper have a network of hosts in regions around the world that have a Looperbox attached to their SmartTV or Set Top Box.

    There are multiple hosts in each region covering all manufacturers of SmartTV and Set Top Box.

    This role is part of the technical team within Looper called Looper Labs. The role covers everything from physical build-out of the Looperboxes including Mikrotik switch provisioning and configuration through to deploying RaspberryPi IoT devices around the world.

    The Looper Labs team manage changes on the LooperBoxes using Ansible and AWS SSM. The LooperBoxes connect to consumer devices in offices, labs and people’s homes so the ability to remotely troubleshoot and resolve networking and hardware issues is important.

    The containerised software running on the LooperBoxes processes video, controls devices over IR, USB and Bluetooth and stores screenshots on S3 to be processed by the data processing team.

    The Labs team are not only responsible for the deployment of LooperBoxes but also their software, hardware design and industrial design.

    What we’re looking for

    We are looking for someone with the skills and experience to join the Looper Labs team. 

    We are looking for an individual who is motivated to grow and win, individually and as part of a team. Persistence, passion and a drive for success are paramount, as is an adeptness to work autonomously while maintaining focus and work ethic.

    You are an energetic team player with excellent verbal and written communications skills. 

    Why you’ll love working here

    Looper has a distributed team working from the UK, Europe, West Coast USA and South America, with a belief in autonomy, responsibility and trust. That means a flexible schedule and the room to get your head down and produce excellent work. If you need to do the school run, or go for a walk to think through an idea, we trust you to get things done however you do them best. Life at Looper is about outcomes.

    We are committed to diversity and the principle of equal opportunity for all employees. You will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national, social or ethnic origin, age, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, family or parental status, or any status protected by the laws of England and Wales.

    To apply for this role please send your CV to, along with a covering letter introducing yourself.