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Off the back of The Super Bowl LVII domination, kicked off by Paramount+ in February, another streamer took full advantage of this momentum by...

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Ensuring Compliance With OEM Partners

Compliance across Platforms

Ensuring Compliance With OEM Partners

Ensuring compliance so that your App and key titles are being surfaced to your potential end users with ease and clarity is critical to ensuring growth in subscribers and reducing your churn. Making sure that a New Release title is featured prominently so the users engage with your service is becoming more mission critical as the competition heats up and household budgets are being squeezed.

Negotiating valuable placements with the likes of Samsung, Fire TV, Roku and local MVPDs is hard and time consuming. It’s even harder to manually verify that each platform is delivering what you initially agreed upon. This would be difficult enough if you were just operating from your home country, but this process becomes even more complex when you have audiences and partnerships across multiple countries. It’s almost impossible to have visibility of ‘local’ broadcast platforms such as MVPDs, Streaming Devices, Smart TVs and Games Consoles without a technically scaled solution.

As you work with each of your platform partners to release new content, you’ll want to monitor these titles to track their performance against Paid and Editorial placements. Only getting data on Paid placements means you can overestimate the value of each campaign’s investment. You need to get the editorial placement data and paid placement data to get the full picture on ROI. Combining the two and then comparing this to your performance data gives the true picture. Only then can you optimise your title placements and marketing and merchandising investments.

We can help you with all of this, just get in touch with the team here.