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February 19, 2024

Improving your Digital Offering: Looper Insights Increases Revenue
for Major Platform

The company

Our customer is a top-tier digital entertainment platform headquartered in the US. With a global reach extending to over 52 countries, they’ve achieved remarkable success, having sold an impressive 10 million devices worldwide. Their innovative approach and cutting-edge technology make them a leading force in the industry, shaping the future of digital entertainment.

In this case study,
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Discover more about our product Vizibility.


Our customer, a Connected TV Device platform, came to us with a lack of visibility on their own UI, as well as competitors. With no automated solution to track their platform globally, there were a large number of errors concerning content and app compliance being missed. An unmonitored platform experience, due to minimal resources, also contributed to a significant loss in users and therefore revenue, due to friction in their journey.


There were also ongoing reporting issues where App partners were requesting proof of compliant campaigns via screenshots and meetings, which demanded a huge amount of the partner managers time.


The design team wanted to benchmark the worlds best UI and UX’s. The only way they could get a selection to benchmark against was to go to the extreme of asking friends and family abroad to share images of their local devices, using their phones, to understand what these competitor UI and UX’s looked like in foreign markets.


The marketing department of our client was trying to encourage their App partners to invest more in on-screen merchandising campaigns. Their problem was having a common metric that they and the Streamer could use to gauge the value of both the Paid and the Editorial placements. Since not all traffic is driven from the limited paid placements, their attribution models were over estimating the traffic into their App from Paid placements, without taking editorial into account.


Looper Insights helped its client tackle these challenges within its platform – an automated, visual solution designed to cover all the platforms that our clients wanted to monitor, including smart TV, set-top boxes, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

Looper Insight’s Vizibility™ solution empowered the platform with real-time insights, all consolidated into an intuitive dashboard, delivering immediate results. This comprehensive view allowed our client to make informed decisions and corrections to compliance issues, thanks to accurate data and competitive analysis. The platform could now provide App partners with the compliance images and data they sought.

For the design team they now had access to benchmarking insights from the Looper Customer Success team who enabled them to shortcut their design process by seeing all the world’s best UI and UX within the one platform.


The platform also offered our client a better way to secure App partner agreements concerning campaigns, by providing them with our Media Placement Value™(MPV) metric, overlayed onto their platform. MPV is a weighted Share of Voice metric that demonstrates to partners the proximity of their content or apps to the user, and therefore the likelihood of conversion to their service or content. The higher the MPV, the more our client could prove value and charge for their top real estate. By using MPV as their common metric the App partners were able to trust the R.O.I  and attribution numbers generated from the platform and were therefore confident in allocating more marketing budget to our platform partner.

The impact of the Looper Insights platform was transformative. Our client’s compliance errors plummeted by 72% across their entire platform within the first 2 months of use and major improvements to the UI were made that improved user engagement significantly. This resulted in their App partners growing revenues by 3-5%.

The time required to manage Streaming Apps slashed from 45 to 5 hours per partner, per month, due to the fact no manual work was now required in order to provide them with screenshots and data on their content and Apps.
No external help was needed due to the fact the Looper platform was tracking all the necessary devices globally, to be made visible to the client at a click of a button.

Lastly, the number of agreed paid campaigns increased 3x due to using MPV™ during negotiations with App partners as the value of their platform was easily demonstrated and backed by data, vastly improving their revenue.

“Looper Insights has rescued our platform by eradicating some very damaging errors and advancing our strategies. We have seen substantial improvements in App partnerships and user engagement, resulting in fantastic revenue growth”

This case study demonstrates how access to vital data can maximize partner engagement and revenues. For platforms facing analogous challenges, we invite you to connect with us for a personalized platform walkthrough. Let’s navigate the path to enhanced performance and success together.