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Off the back of The Super Bowl LVII domination, kicked off by Paramount+ in February, another streamer took full advantage of this momentum by...

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When it comes to digital storefronts, how do you know if your content is being promoted in the most valuable position?


Promoted Content and Apps

It’s a simple, powerful question that no one really seems to be able to answer. Because with more digital entertainment available than ever before, and more ways to consume this content, it’s hard to ensure you’re seen and heard by your audiences.

They said increasing subscribers, views and downloads was going to be straight-forward. But the explosion of new channels, platforms, apps, devices and data, coupled with velocity of change, has made cutting through the noise almost impossible. 

With the average household subscribing to at least 5 streaming services, visibility has become a huge problem. As a matter of fact, content distributors and aggregators report that measuring the value of paid, earned and owned promotions is a strategic priority.

But in spite of  all of the spreadsheets, reports, automation software, data warehouses and BI, the Film, TV and VoD industry still has no real-time visibility of content, and its performance, on digital shelves. Until now.

Introducing Looper Insights. Where some see complex campaigns and promotions, we see valuable Insights, everywhere. We convert massive streams of Data into actionable Insights, empowering content owners, VoD stores and platforms to measure, analyse and act on these findings, optimising their content placement across Connected TV devices. And you can also measure your competitors’ digital placements, in real-time.  

Vizibility™ of your products and services across ANY device on ANY day.

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