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February 19, 2024

Looper Insights
Supercharges A+E Networks

A+E Networks is a leading American multinational broadcasting company that is a joint venture between Hearst Communications and The Walt Disney Company. Their portfolio includes HISTORY®, Lifetime®, Crime + Investigation® and H2®.

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Our customer A+E Networks, has a vast content library and is constantly releasing new titles. Due to this, they were finding it difficult to maintain visibility of their content across the huge number of platforms where they were present.


With no visibility, A+E could not fully grasp where their digital content was positioned, and therefore how they were being presented to consumers compared to competitors, being unable to plan strategies to maximise their revenue.


Additionally, with no automated solution tracking their content across the global digital landscape, it was an arduous task to monitor and amend all of the availability and pricing of their titles, across all of the different devices.


The Looper insights platform helped A+E Networks tackle this specific challenge – an automated, visual solution designed to cover all the devices that our clients target, including mobile, web, smart TV, set-top boxes, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.


A+E could now see all of their content in one simple dashboard, supercharging their teams and making them easier to manage. They could see if their titles were live, priced correctly, and whether they had the correct artwork assigned. For any issues identified, A+E could now easily make availability and pricing adjustments across their digital stores using the Looper Insights Autobot Tool.


The Looper Insights platform enabled A+E to identify a variety of pricing and availability actions that they would otherwise have been unaware of. Since adopting the platform, they saw a 26% reduction in these actions. 

This reduction in actions allowed them to both optimise their content and increase their revenue. While the roll-out of the Looper Insights platform began in the USA, the success seen meant that the solution expanded to include European territories, and A+E continues to go from strength to strength on a global scale.

“Now that we’re using the Looper Insights platform, my time has freed up to focus on the things that deliver the biggest benefit to our company. Over only a short period, we’ve seen a drop in priority issues that need to be resolved, and I now have more time to effectively manage our business.”


The Looper Insights platform is a powerful tool that can help its clients supercharge their teams and revenues. Our client’s success story demonstrates the crucial issues that come from a lack of visibility on content, and the necessity for our automated solution to combat this. If you’re ready to embark on your journey towards digital success, contact us today for a demonstration.