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Merchandiser of the Month April



Paramount+ is rising in the ranks

When looking back to February’s Merchandiser of the Month ranking, CBS All Access had a score of 0.30, leaving the App in 10th place

The rebranding of Paramount+ has rocketed this App’s on store presence, now sitting in 4th place with an over 1000% increased score of 3.40


HBO Max roars on the storefront

Warner Bros’ New Release title ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ certainly turned our heads, being heavily promoted across the storefronts alongside HBO Max

With the use of popping, contrasting colors, and intriguing visuals, this was a stand-out placement of the month. With the world-renowned enemies facing off, this artwork left us wanting to know who takes the throne. It was featured in the most prominent spots on Apple TV, including Top Flowcase placements


HBO Max dominates Apple TV US

Aside from Apple TV+, HBO Max was a clear winner this month, gaining a top score for the value of its promotional spots

The Oscars are in town

With the Oscars being just around the corner, we have seen heavy promotion for the nominated pictures across the Apple TV storefronts

From Top Flowcase features to dedicated rows listing the different nominations, this was a great way for Apple TV to re-package New Release content on the storefront

Sports is making its debut 

We have seen an increase in the promotion of sports-related content within the digital storefronts. Even traditional entertainment-focused Apps are using this content type to gain further promotional space

With 20 spots in total, Peacock promoted its exclusive access to WWE using a dedicated row on Apple TV’s TV Shows tab

A classic brought back to life

Another Warner Bros’ New Release title, ‘Tom & Jerry: The Movie’, was heavily promoted this month, being featured in the most prominent spots across different devices, including the Top Flowcase

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