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Prime Video Wins Across the U.S.

Prime Video Logo

This month we looked at Roku, Google TV, Fire TV Cube, Vizio TV, Cox Contour 2, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One Console, Cox CSP and Xfinity in the U.S., to see who was claiming the top placements across all

Prime Video on Google TV

Prime Video took the top spot, which was no surprise after a knock-out New Release campaign for new TV Show ‘Reacher’ which flooded all of the major platforms

Merchandiser of the Month Leaderboard - Prime Video Wins

The Winter Olympics wins gold

February 2022, the Winter Olympics slid onto our screens with an ice-breaking force

Being featured across the major platforms and territories globally, including Apple TV, Google TV, PlayStation and Samsung TV,

the different Apps hosting the event were putting on a show with vibrant, eye-catching artwork in the most prominent areas of each storefront

Winter Olympics

Left to right: Google TV UK, PlayStation 4 DE, Apple TV US, Sky Q UK

One App that just missed the podium was Discovery+ in the UK, who did not manage to secure a dedicated row on Apple TV,

whilst Peacock/NBCU in the U.S. crossed the finish line with this dedicated promotional space capturing user attention

Apple TV+ and Netflix blow the competition out of their waters

Hulu on LG Content Store

Left to right: Vizio TV US

Apple TV+’s ‘Severance’ goes double or nothing with its claim on Vizio’s prime real estate, featuring in the Top Carousels of the ‘Home’ and ‘Shows’ tabs in the 3rd and 2nd spots respectively

With bold text teasing an ‘Exclusive First Look’ at the new TV Series, accompanied by a clearly stated Apple TV+ logo, Vizio users are left itching to get a peek of this exclusive offering


Vikings Apple TV+

Left to right: Xbox DE, PlayStation 4 US, Sky Q UK

Netflix’s ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ gets a wipeout campaign, with exciting, action-packed promotional materials winning the key placements on PlayStation 4 and Xbox in the US, UK, DE and FR, as well as Sky Q in the UK

With the bright Netflix logo standing out nicely against the darker background artwork, the App enforced its presence across these major digital platforms with tailored artwork that maximised its visual impact on each storefront

Disney+ takes over the Oscars

Disney+ was not willing to share within Apple TV’s ‘2022 Oscar Nominees’ row,

with 5 of their titles featuring for a 25% Share of Voice amongst the promoted titles

The Oscars

Left to right: Apple TV US, Vizio TV US, Xfinity US, PlayStation 4 US

Disney+ continued to take the mic from it’s competition, capturing the best placements across the major platforms spotlighting its recent release ‘Encanto’

The timing of this campaign is only backed further by the title’s viral status across the likes of TikTok, thanks to the hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device. This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values.

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