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Merchandiser of the Month February



Apple TV+ is on a New Release Rampage

With an impressive number of Apple Original New Releases, including ‘Losing Alice’, ‘Cherry’,  ‘Servant, Season 2’ and ‘Palmer’, taking up the key promotional spots on Apple TV US,  it’s no surprise that Apple TV+ was this month’s highest performing App


Looper’s Spotlight Merchandising of the Month


Apple TV+ comes out on top

Apple TV+ was February’s highest performer, gaining the top score for the value of its promotional spots

Sony UK Takes Over

Sony took over the Apple TV UK store with the promotion of their library title ‘Groundhog Day’

This is the first time that we have seen such a large takeover on the Apple TV UK store, which is especially impressive considering this is a library title

With the title ‘Groundhog Day’ holding an immense total of 33 spots on Apple TV UK, the title had more placements than both the Mulan and Wonder Woman New Releases combined

‘Groundhog Day’ held the first main carousel spot and 5 dedicated rows on the Movies tab, with awesome quotes from the film being used as bespoke row names. This is a first of its kind

This promotion fell on the 2nd of February only when ‘Groundhog Day’, a popular American tradition, takes place

It’s Awards Season

With the 2021 Golden Globes making its way to our television screens shortly, The Apple TV US Watch Now page used a dedicated row to tempt its users into doing a little bit of their own background research

This row boasts of 19 titles in total, all with their nominated categories being displayed to help guide users into making their preferred choice

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