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While others lost their place entirely on Apple TV US,

Apple TV+ still wins 

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This month, we checked back in with Apple TV in the US after 6 months, to see who was claiming the top placements. The top 6 Apps all remain in the same position that they held in June. SHOWTIME, Bravo and CBS all climbed in the ranks whilst Starz and Discovery+ lost their place entirely

Apple TV+ on Apple TV US
Apple TV+ Wins

 Apple TV refines their strategy with a revamped User Experience (UX)

In January, Apple TV launched a new UX update across all regions. A ‘Store’ tab now sits

within the menu, where ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Shows’ once sat, pushing them to a sub-menu

Apple TV's new UI

This UX refresh tells us that the platform sees an increased importance in differentiating streaming versus transactional content, with ‘Watch Now’

promoting titles available to Stream and ‘Store’ promoting titles available to Buy/Rent

HBO Max’s second round in the promotional ring 

Back in September 2021, we saw HBO Max slash its subscription fee in half to attract users

The App enters 2022 with another impressive limited-time offer of a 20% discount for 12 months,

being featured in prominent areas of the storefronts with colourful, eye-catching imagery calling to those on the hunt for a bargain

HBO Max Promotion

Left to right: Vizio TV US, Apple TV US

Prime Video stuns with vibrant visuals, everywhere

During January, Prime Video dazzled all of the major platforms with its promotional materials for ‘Hotel Transylvania: Transformania’,

the 4th major title within the incredibly successful franchise

With bright and playful imagery drawing in the users attention, Prime Video left no chances the title would be missed

after their acquisition from Sony with a $100 million deal in 2021

Hotel Transylvania Promotion

Top to bottom: Apple TV US, Vizio TV US, Apple TV FR

The Apps that know how to demand the UI

Hulu on LG Content Store

Hulu managed to consistently hold the best placement spots within LG’s Content Store, with New Release miniseries ‘Women of the Movement’ and TV Series ‘Promised Land’

Taking over a large area at the top of LG’s Content Store tab, Hulu showed users that their New Releases were not ones to miss, with a call to action making it clear where to stream them


Peacock’s ‘New Year’s Resolution’ takes over Xfinity

 Peacock’s ‘New Year’s Resolution’ promotion featured prominently within the top placements spots of Xfinity’s ‘Home’, ‘Apps’, ‘TV’ and ‘Movies’ tabs, the text sticking to a playful New Years resolution theme

The campaign spotlighted library and current titles with the tagline ‘#peacockGoals’, telling the user that they should be putting aside time in the New Year to enjoy some of their best content

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device. This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values.

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