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Merchandiser of the Month July


Hulu wins on Samsung TV US

File:Hulu Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

This month, Hulu took first place amongst the Entertainment Apps on Samsung TV US, gaining the top score for the value of their promotional spots



Paramount+’s ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ shook up the digital storefronts

‘A Quiet Place Part II’ had our hairs standing on end for all of the right reasons across digital storefronts, with famous actress Emily Blunt taking centre stage

Top to bottom: Xfinity, Google TV, Apple TV US

Following in the footsteps of Disney+ and HBO Max, Top Flowcase features and uniquely stand-out, striking red dedicated rows promoted the exclusivity of the title on the Paramount+ App

Loud and Proud

Peacock gained epic exposure for its exclusive Pride Month Special Concert, with host Miley Cyrus at the forefront and grabbing attention (it wouldn’t be her first time!)

With a variety of artwork being used, all of the vibrant placements popped on the storefronts and brought special attention to this important celebration

Disney+ holds back with Marvel New Release artwork

Disney+’s ‘Black Widow’ promotion on Apple TV did not stand out as per the usual vibrant Disney creative materials. The white background used on the Top Carousel takes over the majority of the artwork, which in combination with the zoomed out main character felt subtle

Apple TV US

Xbox One US

On Xbox One, the bolder title and App logo placed across the centre brought more attention to lead star, Scarlett Johanson

If your logo is hidden, so is the claim to your offering

On the Homepage of Playstation 4, only one piece of content is promoted at a time, giving the chosen App its time to shine

Playstation 4 Japan – Netflix vs Hulu

Throughout this month, Netflix did not make the most of this opportunity, with their logo blending into the background

Apps such as Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video had their bold logos under the spotlight and separated from the accompanying artwork, making sure the users knew where to go to watch the promoted content


Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device. This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values.

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