Merchandiser of the Month – June 2022

Discovery+ Pride Promotion

Merchandiser of the Month – June 2022




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HBO Max knocks Apple TV+ back into 3rd, whilst Disney+ loses 4 places

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We looked at 12 devices* in the U.S. to see who was winning the top promotional real estate. HBO Max knocks Apple TV+ back into 3rd, whilst Disney+ takes a scary fall from 4th to 8th

Hulu jumps 3 places into 6th, whilst Tubi gets knocked out and is replaced by STARZ in 10th

The Boys Prime Video Promotion

*Roku, Google TV, Fire TV Cube, Vizio TV, Cox Contour 2, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One Console, Cox CSP and Xfinity

Merchandiser of the Month Leaderboard - Prime Video Wins

Discovery+ shouts loudly for Pride Month

Discovery+ kicked up a storm on the digital storefronts for Pride Month in June, with a generous sprinkling of vibrant, eye-catching artwork across the major platforms alongside an “Always Proud” phrase to promote their relevant content

Most notably, the App proudly claimed multiple Wide Banners within Roku’s ‘Home’ tab, holding the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th spots with ‘Trixie Motel’, ‘Love in the Jungle’, ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ and ‘Naked and Afraid’ respectively for outstanding visibility

Discovery+ Pride Promotion

Top to bottom: Roku US, Fire TV US, Xfinity US

The Boys are back in town

Prime Video wins this months stand-out New Release spectacle, striking the storefronts with simple yet bold artwork for the release of ‘The Boys, Season 3’

Claiming huge coverage to deter users from the competition, Prime Video snapped up Top Carousels,  Epics placements and other major real estate, most notably holding 7 spots in total across Apple TV US for superb exposure

The Boys Prime Video Promotion

Top to bottom: LG TV US, Orange FR, Apple TV DE

Disney+ levels up and spaces out

This month, Disney+ switched things up with a refreshed content slate to entice a wide array of users across the digital storefronts

Disney+’s ‘All your favorites in one place’ promotion returned to Xbox with an updated artwork featuring leading characters from its most recent array of content

On Google TV, the App utilised its entire promotional space in an impressive fashion to maximise the promotion of 5 titles with the tagline ‘Heroes. Legends. Game changers.’

Despite these major efforts, Disney+ pulled out these stops a little too late, dropping 4 places in the rankings

Keep an eye out for next month’s insights to see if they can make a comeback

Disney+ Content Slate Promotion

Top to bottom: Xbox One Console UK, Google TV US

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device.

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