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Merchandiser of the Month June



Apple TV+ leaves no room for the competition

File:Apple TV+ logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

This month saw some huge new releases, including HBO Max’s ‘Friends: The Reunion’, Disney+’s ‘Cruella’, and Prime Video’s ‘Panic’ and ‘Solos’. Apple TV+ saw a 64% increase in its score since April, not leaving any spaces up for grabs with ‘The Me You Can’t See’ and ‘Trying Season 2’ being heavily promoted

Showtime was the only App to climb the leaderboard this month, passing Discovery+, with the launch of ‘Black Monday Season 3’ and ‘The Chi Season 4’ claiming Top Flowcase features


Apple TV+ keeps the crown


                                                                                                        Cruella is back with a vengeance 

Disney+’s ‘Cruella’ launch took over the storefronts with Top Carousels and Dedicated Rows within Apple TV’s ‘Watch Now’, ‘Movies’, ‘Discover’ and ‘Apps’ tabs

Using contrasting colours, clear visuals of key talent and a Premier Access call-to-actions to stand out, it was made clear that this release was not one to be missed

This Disney+ Premier Access, however, did not compare to the likes of Mulan, which received 21 spots for its launch, compared to 14 for Cruella on Apple TV US


Paramount+ keeps its stride 

Continues holding placements within the Top Flowcase on the Discover tab

Using a new show to promote the service on an almost weekly basis, viewers are being tempted each time with a new offering

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device. This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values.

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