Merchandiser of the Month – May 2023

Max Rebranding

Merchandiser of the Month – May 2023


MAY 2023


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Max Wins

A re-branded Max takes back 1st place for total

Media Placement Value

We looked at 12 devices* in the US to see who was winning the Top Promotional real estate.

This month, Max takes back 1st place from Prime Video amongst a heavy promotion for the re-branded App. Netflix jumps from 7th to 4th, pushing Peacock and Paramount+ down two rankings. Disney+ also jumps up the leaderboard two places to 7th, whilst YouTube falls two places into 8th.

Leaderboard - May 2023
Leaderboard - May 2023

*Roku, Google TV, Fire TV, Vizio TV, Cox Contour 2, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One Console, Cox CSP and Xfinity

Prime Video snaps up both 2nd and 3rd with their titles ‘Citadel’ and ‘Air’, both gaining great MPV™ scores by being featured in the best digital real estate. Disney+ and Paramount+ re-enter the leaderboard, whilst Netflix gets knocked out entirely.

‘Citadel’ spends time in the spotlight

This month, Prime Video’s ‘Citadel’ shoots into 2nd with an impressive MPV™ score of 1,512 in the US, with the title dominating the digital arena with a large number of placements in the top real estate. 

With strong Call to Actions and branding, the promotion was well executed with customised artwork per platform. Samsung TV US even showed users that they can ask Alexa to play the title on Prime Video, a great promotion for both the Amazon owned service and App.

Citadel Prime Video

Top to bottom: Fire TV US, Roku US, Samsung TV US

Taking it to the Max

A re-branded Max took over the digital storefronts this month, promoting a wide array of content associated with the App, claiming back 1st place for overall MPV™ in the US.

With a variety of promotional tactics being displayed including QR codes, their content slate and customised taglines, it was impossible for users not to be tempted to sign up. 

Max Rebranding

Top to bottom: Cox CSP US, Apple TV US, Vizio TV US

There is strength in numbers

In May, a Disney Bundle claimed the 1st banner of Samsung TV’s ‘Movies’ & ‘Apps’ tabs. This was a clever move from Disney, who utilised three different titles including sports content, from three different services, alongside Call to Action ‘Get All Three’ as an incentive to sign up.

Disney Bundle

Samsung TV US

Can’t take my eyes off of you

A promotional standout of the month goes to Roku, who treated their partner Apps to a vibrant campaign calling out ‘Last Chance’ discounted pricing and free trials alongside popular content. This campaign was sure to turn heads and rack up subscriber count for each of the Apps.

Roku Promotion

Roku US

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device. This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values.

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