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Merchandiser of the Month May



NBC takes first place

File:NBC logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

This month, NBC took first place amongst the BVOD’s, having the most Medium and True Above the Fold placements, and gaining the top score for the value of its promotional spots


May the 4th brought the force with Star Wars

To celebrate Star Wars day, or ‘May the fourth be with you’, Disney+ took advantage of the popular reference, with a creative spot at the top of Xfinity’s On-Demand Movies page




In addition to this, this month saw Disney+’s launch of ‘Star Wars The Bad Batch’. This title was featured heavily on Apple TV, holding 7 placements across the ‘Watch Now’, ‘TV Shows’ and ‘Discover’ tabs, with three Top Carousel banners

Earth Day

This month saw Earth Day being celebrated across Apple TV, with a great selection of educational content being featured in the key promotional areas, alongside an ‘Earth Day, Every Day’ tagline

The use of well-known celebrities at the forefront of the artwork, such as Greta Thunberg and Cher, left us wanting to join in on this important conversation. Many of these features are still present within Apple TV, which has given this content great exposure

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