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Off the back of The Super Bowl LVII domination, kicked off by Paramount+ in February, another streamer took full advantage of this momentum by...

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Merchandiser of the Month – November 2022

White Lotus HBO Max

Merchandiser of the Month – November 2022




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HBO Max Wins

HBO Max steals the crown from Prime Video

We looked at 12 devices* in the U.S. to see who was winning the top promotional real estate. HBO Max steals first place from Prime Video, knocking the App into second place for the first time. YouTube makes an impressive jump from 8th to 4th.

White Lotus HBO Max

*Roku, Google TV, Fire TV Cube, Vizio TV, Cox Contour 2, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One Console, Cox CSP and Xfinity

HBO Max Wins

A battle of the deals for Black Friday

Don’t you just love a good deal? Well, November saw many of those, the likes of Discovery+, Paramount+, HBO Max and Disney+ snapping up the top digital real estate across the major platforms, in order to promote eye-catching, and unmissable bargains to users.

With strong Call to Actions, making it clear to users Where to Watch their favourite content at a hefty discount, these top streaming Apps were sure to rake in a nice net of bargain hunting subscribers this month. Best in class goes to HBO Max on Vizio TV, with bold, clear text being prominent alongside a tempting array of content. Paramount+ just misses the mark, with its offering at risk of being missed entirely on Cox C2, a deadly combination of a small placement and small, unclear text making this Call to Action unheard.

Black Friday Digital Storefronts

Top to bottom: Cox C2 US, Cox CSP US, Vizio TV US, Claro BR

The World Cup shoots and scores the top digital real estate

It is no secret that ‘FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022’ is breaking records in terms of viewership (Reference: Digital TV Europe), despite the controversy surrounding it.

The event not only dominated the day-to-day schedules of football fans, but the top digital real estate including Top Carousel and Dedicated Row features on the major Connected TV Devices. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Top to bottom: Vizio TV US, Apple TV UK, LG TV US, Fire TV UK

White Lotus blooms on the digital storefronts

HBO Max stole Prime Video’s crown this month with a little help from their major new release ‘White Lotus, Season 2’, being promoted in the prime digital real estate. Being the Apps top performing title in terms of snapping up MPV, it secured a score of 2,044, which was over double the amount that Prime Video’s top performing title, ‘The Peripheral’, obtained.

White Lotus HBO Max

Top to bottom: Apple TV US, Google TV US

A Christmas stand out

We couldn’t finish this Merchandiser of the Month without something to get us into the festive spirit. Our Christmas stand out is gifted to Apple TV+, who blessed digital platforms with an impressive, festive display of comedy favourites Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, the stars of New Release title ‘Spirited’, alongside a strong Call to Action “Streaming on Apple TV+”.

Spirited Apple TV+

Top to bottom: Vizio TV US, LG TV UK, Google TV AU

Each score is calculated from the frequency and placement of an App or Title across the tracked connected device.

This score is based on an exponentially weighted model of the spot values

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