PlayStation 4 UK

Netflix wins on PlayStation 4 UK


This month, Netflix took first place amongst the Entertainment Apps on PlayStation UK, gaining the top score for the value of their promotional spots in this Merchandiser of the Month

Netflix on PlayStation 4
Merchandiser of the Month Leaderboard - Netflix Wins

A change in tactic to get you hooked

This month, we saw the likes of STARZ and HBO Max using a different strategy to promote the new seasons of some highly anticipated shows

By placing older seasons on the hook alongside appealing ‘catch up’ call to actions, these apps were hoping to reel in both the old fans and new, with an added bonus of extra viewership from those enticed into a recap

Starz, HBO Max

Top to bottom: Xfinity US, Apple TV US

HBO Max excites with an epic New Release slate

Throughout October, HBO Max made sure their New Release slate was the first to claim our attention, with star-studded, stand-out visuals demanding us to look their way

Dune, The Many Saints of Newark

 The title ‘Dune’ secured an impressive 15 promotional spots in total across Apple TV in the US, with ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ very close behind with 14

A prequel to the HBO crime drama series ‘The Sopranos’, the title ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ used talent from the original TV series in its promotional artwork, HBO Max calling out to the original fanbase directly for support on this New Release

Additionally, the New Release Movie title was also promoted on the ‘TV Shows’ tab of Apple TV, an unusual move that heightened it’s appeal to the fans of the original TV Series

Discovery+ is taking no prisoners


This month, we were reminded that it matters who you sit next to. For many months HBO Max has diverted attention away from Discovery+ in the pole position of Apple TV’s ‘Apps’ tab, displaying an exciting content offering whilst Discovery+ sat quietly next to it with unnoticeable artwork in comparison

This month, Discovery+ finally stepped into the ring and took on HBO Max with a counterpunch in the form of displaying its own content offering, capturing interest with a new selection of programmes to consider


Discovery+, Contour 2

Further steps were taken to dominate, Discovery+ leaving no chance that their arrival to Cox Contour 2 would be missed

The App claimed the most prominent spots across the platform with some very strong artwork, swooping in and taking ownership of this space whilst the other giants focussed on the saturated streaming devices

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