Merchandiser of the Month – September 2022

Disney+ Day 2022

Merchandiser of the Month – September 2022




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Prime Video Wins

Netflix takes a big fall to 7th, Disney+ makes it to

top 3 for the first time

We looked at 12 devices* in the U.S. to see who was winning the top promotional real estate. Disney+ jumps into the top 3 for the first time, redeeming itself from 7th place and knocking down Apple+ into 5th place. Netflix falls 2 places into 7th


*Roku, Google TV, Fire TV Cube, Vizio TV, Cox Contour 2, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One Console, Cox CSP and Xfinity

September MOTM

Prime Video steps into the ring

With HBO Max’s ‘House of the Dragon’ leaving no room for discussion on the digital storefronts in August, September was Prime Video’s time to step into the ring with its power move, New Release TV Series ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’

The App’s promotion of this highly anticipated release secured the best real estate with Top Carousel, Landing Page, Dedicated Row and Epics Placement features. In fact, the most astounding feature of the year award goes to its placement on Claro BR, with promotional artwork thats span left no room for anybody’s head to turn away from it

Prime Video The Rings of Power

Top to bottom: LG TV US, Sky Q UK, Claro BR

But there was one hurdle…

HBO Max wasn’t giving up that easily nor so soon, delivering major sucker punches in the best digital real estate across many of the platforms to try and steal attention away from its competitors release

As if extensively promoting a limited-time ‘Free Preview’ and a limited-time ‘over 40%’ discount wasn’t enough, the App also took it a step further by branding and promoting ‘The House of Dragon’ as “The biggest show in the world”

HBO Max’s ‘House of the Dragon’

Left to right: Cox Contour 2 US, Google TV AU, Roku US, Vizio TV US

A Disney+ Day to remember

This month, ‘Disney+ Day’ dominated the digital storefronts with an exciting, unmissable array of vibrant promotional artwork to shout about their special Limited-Time Offer. Securing the largest, most valuable placements across major platforms and territories, the App even managed to monopolise the 1st block of PS4 Japan within the ‘Featured’ row of the ‘Discover’ tab, claiming all 5 spots with ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Cars on the Road’ and ‘Lightyear’ for unbeatable exposure 

Disney+ Day 2022

Left to right: PS4 JP, Google TV UK

Our gracious Queen 

Headlines also made their way onto the digital storefronts this month, with the news that former Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, had passed. Her memory was honoured across the major platforms and territories, which promoted live news coverage of the event as well as documentaries and content where key talent had taken on the role of the Queen herself

Remembering our Queen

Top to bottom: Fire TV UK, Claro BR, Apple TV UK

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