Apple TV+ wins on PlayStation 4 US

This month, Apple TV+ took first place amongst the Entertainment Apps on PlayStation US, gaining the top score for the value of their promotional spots

Apple TV+ steps outside their comfort zone and dominates

September saw Apple TV+ taking some big steps outside of their own platform, venturing into unknown territory to capture user attention on the other major devices outside of Apple TV, across multiple territories

We saw Apple TV+ originals such as ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Foundation’ and ‘SEE’ in the spotlight across the likes of Google TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, PlayStation 4 and Sony TV

Left to right: (1st row) Google TV US, Fire TV UK (2nd row) PlayStation 4 France, Sony TV Japan

For the first time ever, Apple TV+ even changed the colour of their iconic logo to a dramatic red on the promotional artwork for ‘SEE’, just to double-check that they had your attention

Xbox UK

HBO Max goes it alone and slashes its subscription fee in half

In mid-September, it was announced that HBO Max would be leaving Amazon Prime Video Channels, in order to cut out the middleman and ensure a direct connection with their viewers

Shortly after this news aired, a new and refreshed placement burst onto the scenes to entice users with a 50% off offer being displayed in the callout, something that is rarely seen on these storefronts

The Talent takes over

This month the stars were aligned left, right and centre with striking close-ups across the digital storefronts

Top to bottom: Fire TV US, Fire TV DE, Apple TV UK

The likes of Prime Video, STARZPLAY and Paramount+ used an assortment of their title’s highly notable talent in their key artwork, to make it clear that their offering only includes the best of the best


Prime Video arrives at the ball

Prime Video made quite the entrance for its launch of Amazon Original and New Release ‘Cinderella’

Top to bottom: Google TV US, Apple TV US

Dazzling in the most prominent spots across the digital storefronts, the title even managed to secure an impressive total of 12 spots within Apple TV US

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