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Mystery Shopper FAQ

Looper Insights Mystery Shopper Programme

Looper Insights is in the e-commerce space with an initial focus on the Film/TV video on demand industry. We are on a mission to gather data on Every Product, Every Store, Every Day.

Our Mystery Shopper Programme will make you a part of this mission, and you will recieve quarterly payment for it.


Frequently asked questions

  • What will I have to do?

All you will need to do is have an additional Set-Top Box set up on your exisiting contract, and connect our Orange Box to it in order for us to be able to access it REMOTELY ONLY. The Set-Top Box will need to be connected to the internet and we require two power outlets where the additional Set-Top Box will be placed, and one power outlet by your internet router. We will send you all of the required hardware for installation as well as support during the installation, and cover all costs of the additional Set-Top Box.

  • What if I do not have a TV subscription set up currently?

You can still enroll for this programme if you are willing to have the subscription set up. We will cover the costs of the subscription and set up.

  • Can I use the Set-top Box for my own entertainment?

No, the Set-Top Box cannot be used at any time by anyone other than Looper Insights (remotely), otherwise, it will interfere with our navigation around the Set-Top Box.

  • What is the Orange Box/Set-Top Box being used for?

The Orange Box navigates around the dedicated Set-Top Box guide/store, takes screenshots and sends them back to our server. 

  • Will Looper Insights use my subscription to purchase items on my Set-Top Box?

We will not use your subscription to make any purchases, we will only be using the Set-Top Box to monitor the current offerings of the Set-Top Box. 

  • Where should I keep the Orange Box?

The Orange Box is best kept in a cupboard and out of the way, however, the airflow should not be blocked.

  • Will the Set-Top Box interfere with my television?

The Set-Top Box cannot be connected to your television screen, as it will not be used for entertainment purposes. Because of this, we will not have control over your television set, only the Set-Top Box and Orange Box.

  • Will the Orange Box be able to access my internet activity?

No, we will not have any access to your internet data/activity.

  • How much Bandwidth will the Orange Box require?

200Mb approximately per day

  • Can I turn the Set-Top Box/Orange Box off occasionally?

No, we will need the Set-Top Box and Orange Box to be powered 24/7 in order for us to be able to access the live data when we need it. If there is an urgent situation where the power may need to be switched off, please contact our Set-Top Box support in advance at to make us aware of this. 

  • How will my payment come through?

We will use PayPal to make the monthly payments to your account. Please provide with your email address in order for the payments to be processed.

Installation questions

  • Why is the IR transmitter covering the receiver on my Set-Top Box?

We need to be able to send remote control signals to the box in order to browse the different screens, and this allows us to mimic the infrared signals of the remote control. Your remote control will not work on this Set-Top Box with the infrared sticker over the box. 

  • How do I know if my tp-link smart plug is working?

White light: successful connection to the internet.

Orange light: rebooting. 

Blinking Orange/Green: setup mode is initiated. 

Blinking Green: searching for Wi-Fi. 

Blinking Orange: resetting. 

Red: Wi-Fi connection has not been successful.

  • How do I know if the Powerline Adapter is working?

The LED lights should light up a few seconds after installation, showing they have connected successfully. 

The Power Button Symbol

On/Off: The powerline adapter is on or off. 

Blinking once every second: Pairing is in process. 

Blinking once every 3 seconds: Power-Saving Mode* is on. 

Powerline Symbol (house symbol) 

Yellow-green: The powerline adaptor is in a location with a good signal strength. 

Red: The powerline adaptor is in a location with a poor signal strength. We recommend trying another wall socket. 

Off: The powerline adapter is not connected to any powerline network. 

Ethernet Symbol (three connected dots) 

On: The Ethernet port is connected. 

Off: The Ethernet port is not connected.

  • How do I know if the Orange Box is on?

The light on the Orange Box will light up.

How to apply

To apply for this role please contact with details of your location within the US and the current TV subscription set up you have at home.