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All the latest news & thoughts from Looper Insights

Will Connected Devices Kill Broadcast TV Advertising?

By Jamie West — Ex Group Director of Advanced Advertising Sky and Deputy MD at Sky Media

Looper leans in with Koch Films for VOD optimisation

Looper Insights has announced Koch Films as the latest international media owner to have signed up to its digital retail…

Making B2B software that’s friction free

A smart, agile, intuitive software designed for the business teams of the 21st Century in mind is the only place…

Turn your marketing team into superheroes

All the information is out there in the form of data just waiting for you to extract the extra profit…

Film distribution’s dirty little digital secret

This is about the Film business leaking money that writers, directors, actors, distributors, studios, and stores don't end up seeing..

Time to take control of your IP assets

It’s clear that the future of VOD distribution is smart and autonomous, but at this point, distributors are flying blind.

In e-commerce entertainment sells itself short

The entertainment business likes to pride itself as being as high-tech and creatively innovative as any or all when in…

Looper Insights launches VOD optimisation for set-top boxes

Looper Insights now adds real-time visibility of Films & TV across Set-Top Box stores to it's OTT solution Major Studios…

Looper Insights lands A+E deal, ZAG investment

“Now that we’re using the Looper Insights platform, my time has been freed up to focus on the areas that…

Looper Insights expands after Great Point Investment

Accelerating its growth phase, film and television data analytics and digital asset-management platform provider Looper Insights has made a number…

Great Point Ventures fund is backing Looper Insights

"We’re excited to be contributing to the building of new media businesses" said Great Point co-founder, Jim Reeve

Lucas Bertrand launches VoD analytics platform Looper Insights

Developed in-house for the film and TV industries, Looper Insights’ proprietary technology allows IP owners to see, manage and optimise…