Christine Oluwo, Beth Moon and Morgan Fisher have recently joined Looper Insights as our new Executive Assistant, Project Manager and AWS Engineer. In this quick interview we talk to our new team members about their background, future and what they’re binge-watching.

Tell us a little about your background…

Beth – I started my professional life in Tourism and Education, spending around eight years teaching English in Ireland, Scotland, India and Sicily. I mostly taught adult professionals how to use English in their workplace and also gave pre-sessional Engineering lectures at the University of Edinburgh. I taught over 60 different nationalities then, and now a few past students are lined up to become Box Hosts for us! In 2020 I started a new chapter by accepting the role of Product Owner through Virgin Trains and have loved every minute of my new SaaS career since. 

ChristineI have been an EA for over 20 years working across Banking and Financial services. My last role was at British American Tobacco where I spent 7 years.  I have an AAT Level 2 in Accounting and a Prince 2 foundation certificate.

MorganI have spent most of my career working as a third line technical engineer in IT support, but re-trained during the pandemic to work with the AWS cloud. I then worked as an AWS Solution Architect for an Amazon Consulting Partner for 18 months before deciding to combine my skillsets and work for Looper as an AWS Engineer.

Christine Oluwo, Beth Moon, Morgan Fisher

Left to right:

Christine Oluwo – Executive Assistant

Beth Moon – Project Manager

Morgan Fisher – AWS Engineer

What will be your focus in your new role?

MorganI’m going to be taking ownership of our Cloud Infrastructure, working to optimise the services we currently use and to provide a greater level of in-house technical expertise. As part of that process I’m going to be focusing on the performance and cost of the resources we currently have deployed, as well as looking to optimise our architecture for scalability for the future.

BethMy biggest focus at this time is working with our Labs and Onboarding teams to prepare for our new clients. I am currently responsible for Box Host procurement and communication, and will also be taking over the areas of Security and Compliance as I progress in my role. 

ChristineLearning about the business and all of my teammates, what their roles are and how I can help in any way.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

ChristineLearning more about the Looper platform as I love tech and software.

BethWatching the company grow, and growing alongside it in the coming years. I also really enjoy the great insights I am gaining into the film and VoD industries – there’s so much to learn.

MorganI’m looking forward to being able to get involved with a new company as it begins to grow, being able to shape processes and procedures whilst not being constrained within a rigid job scope. I’ve always worked for well established companies in the past, where so much was set in stone.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your position? 

BethThat a Project Manager can manage projects all alone – it takes a village!

What are you currently binge watching?

Christine – Netflix’s ‘Queen of the South’ (for the 2nd time)!

What’s your favourite quote?

MorganDo what makes you happy, as long as you don’t hurt anyone else along the way.

Tell us something most people may not know about you?

MorganI’m very much into punk, both the music and the lifestyle. As such I have a wardrobe that’s filled with nothing but customised leather and denim jackets.

ChristineI have ADHD and that is my superpower.

BethI am learning to drive at the moment, and can get all the way up to third gear! Fourth gear seems unnecessary.