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Off the back of The Super Bowl LVII domination, kicked off by Paramount+ in February, another streamer took full advantage of this momentum by...

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Vizibility™ and Optimization

Increase customer acquisition and reduce churn.

Track your distribution points

Your VoD App or Titles are distributed across multiple Digital Storefronts and Connected TV Devices (Set top boxes, Streaming devices, Gaming Consoles and Smart TV’s). 
With VoD automated auditing you can track Titles across their whole lifecycle from Premium Access and TVoD to SVoD and AVoD, as well as your and your competitors’ apps. You can also set up alerts on your New Releases, as well as tracking your entire content library.


With our VoD Auditing solution you can monitor the availability, pricing and artwork for your products, ensuring compliance across all platforms.

Track your campaign performance against your competitors to better understand your share of voice.


Integrate your historical sales datasets to correlate against viewing, subscriber and download figures.

Manage all of your valuable, real-time data in one place and bulk update pricing and availability across all Titles, stores and territories.


Simple, visual and actionable Business Intelligence created by our algorithms and automated VoD auditing. We provide you with digital retail store insights.

What are your competitors doing that you could also be taking advantage of?


Make better decisions based on a digital retail store audit of your Apps and Titles across all devices.

Unlock hidden campaign opportunities to increase engagement and reduce churn.

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Content Owners – Are all your products on the shelf , priced correctly and are your titles visible on each VoD store User Interface or in the deep catalog? What placement drives your sales?
VoD Stores – You need data to get better placement to increase viewing and customer acquisition. What placement drives your views? What placements should you pay for?
VoD Auditing
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Platforms – Which VoD Stores, Apps and titles do I make Visible to sell more devices? How can I sell more placements?

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