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Senior Engineer – Back end (Ruby)

Salary: £70,000 GBP
Level: Senior
Location: Remote
Reports to: CTO

You’ll work across our suite of scraping and data processing tools, alongside a talented and friendly team. You’ll also build and maintain the Rails APIs that drive our frontend interfaces.

We mostly work using Ruby, though we’re also beginning to explore Python, Clojure and Elixir for our data processing.

What is Looper?

Looper Insights is a remote-first startup, currently 12 people across 7 nationalities. We enable content owners to manage their products across online stores. For example, a Hollywood Movie Studio would use Looper to track and improve sales of their films; across stores like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.

In practical terms we build data-scraping and processing tools, and design interfaces that condense large volumes of information into actionable insights.

What you’ll do

This is a Senior Engineer 1 role on our Engineering Career Ladder

  • Help design and build a world-class suite of scraping and data processing tools that are fault-tolerant, reliable and performant.
  • Expose those tools via APIs that are well designed and support rapid development of front-end features.
  • Design and write code that is well-tested and continuously improved.
  • Contribute to peer review and share your knowledge with team.
  • Keep up to date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies.
  • Practise DevOps, you’re responsible for getting your code to production and supporting it.
  • Use the latest cloud services available to run your code.
  • Participate in recruitment process: CV reviews, interviews, reviewing technical ability and cultural fit.
  • Play a part in an agile team – participate in stand-ups, sprint planning & retrospectives.
  • Work with you line manager to identify areas for growth and improvement, and proactively progress in those areas.


  • Strong Ruby experience. It doesn’t have to be your primary language as long as you have plenty of experience with Ruby and OOP in general. Our current scrapers are written in Ruby and as we improve them or migrate them to a better technology we need to support the existing systems.
  • A senior level of software engineering ability. See our Engineering Career Ladder for what we specifically expect.
  • An interest in additional languages, paradigms and skills. We’re currently evaluating Python and functional languages like Elixir and Clojure for our scraping tools.
  • Highly numerate and literate in English. We’re a remote team and communication is extremely important.
  • Proactive and organised. Startup life means constant change and we need people who can learn and get on with things.

Why you’ll love working here

We’re a genuinely nice group of talented and helpful people. We care deeply about building an excellent team which is inclusive no matter your background, with a friendly and respectful culture.

We’re distributed around the UK and Europe, with a belief in autonomy, responsibility and trust. That means a flexible schedule and the room to get your head down and produce excellent work. If you need to do the school run, or go for a walk to think through an idea – we trust you to do your work however you do it best.

Our benefits and culture are geared towards helping our team grow personally and professionally, with career advancement and work-life balance. We don’t do crunch periods or crazy hours. We encourage and maintain a good work/life balance, and we ask everyone to set Do Not Disturb schedules on our communication apps.

Learn more about the interview process

We don’t care about interview nerves — we care about how well you do your job.

With that aim, we’re publishing our Internal Hiring Guidelines – Senior Backend Developer. Please note! This is an internal document. It may contain errors or need updating in places.

This is the exact document we use to organise ourselves internally. You can see our interview process, our selection criteria, and even some example questions.

How to apply

To apply for this role please send your CV to, along with a covering letter introducing yourself.