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All your questions on the Set-Top Box Programme answered here

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Set-top Box for my own entertainment?

The Set-Top Box cannot be used at any time by anyone other than Looper Insights (remotely), otherwise, it will interfere with our navigation around the Set-Top Box.

What is the Orange Box/Set-Top Box being used for?

The Orange Box navigates around the dedicated Set-Top Box guide/store, takes screenshots and sends them back to our server. 

Will Looper Insights use my subscription to purchase items on my Set-Top Box?

We will not use your subscription to make any purchases, we will only be using the Set-Top Box to monitor the current offerings of the Set-Top Box. 

Where should I keep the Orange Box?

The Orange Box is best kept in a cupboard and out of the way, however, the airflow should not be blocked.

Will the Set-Top Box interfere with my television?

The Set-Top Box cannot be connected to your television screen, as it will not be used for entertainment purposes. Because of this, we will not have control over your television set, only the Set-Top Box and Orange Box.

Will the Orange Box be able to access my internet activity?

No, we will not have any access to your internet data/activity.

How much Bandwidth will the Orange Box require?

200Mb approximately per day

Can I turn the Set-Top Box/Orange Box off occasionally?

We will need the Set-Top Box and Orange Box to be powered 24/7 in order for us to be able to access the live data when we need it. If there is an urgent situation where the power may need to be switched off, please contact our Set-Top Box support in advance at  (dedicated Looper email address) to make us aware of this. 

Why is the IR transmitter covering the receiver on my Set-Top Box?

We need to be able to send remote control signals to the box in order to browse the different screens, and this allows us to mimic the infrared signals of the remote control. Your remote control will not work on this Set-Top Box with the infrared sticker over the box. 

How will my payment come through?

We will use PayPal to make the monthly payments to your account. (more info here on where they can add in their payment details)

How do I know if my tp-link smart plug is working?

White light: successful connection to the internet.

Orange light: rebooting. 

Blinking Orange/Green: setup mode is initiated. 

Blinking Green: searching for Wi-Fi. 

Blinking Orange: resetting. 

Red: Wi-Fi connection has not been successful.

How do I know if the Powerline Adapter is working?

The LED lights should light up a few seconds after installation, showing they have connected successfully. 

    1. The Power Button Symbol

On/Off: The powerline adapter is on or off. 

Blinking once every second: Pairing is in process. 

Blinking once every 3 seconds: Power-Saving Mode* is on. 

    2. Powerline Symbol (house symbol) 

Yellow-green: The powerline adaptor is in a location with a good signal strength. 

Red: The powerline adaptor is in a location with a poor signal strength. We recommend trying another wall socket. 

Off: The powerline adapter is not connected to any powerline network. 

      3. Ethernet Symbol (three connected dots) 

On: The Ethernet port is connected. 

Off: The Ethernet port is not connected.

How do I know if the Orange Box is on?

The light on the Orange Box will light up.

Installation Process

1. Install and configure Kasa App


Download Kasa app from iOS App Store or Android Marketplace. 

Sign in to the app with the following credentials:



Accept any Terms and Conditions if necessary.


2. Configure TP-Link power outlets


User Guide:

You should only need to connect one of the smart power outlets as they have 2 outlets, one for the Set-Top Box and the other for the orange box.

Note: The powerline adapters do not need to be connected to a smart outlet.

Open the Kasa app and click the “+” in top-right to add a device.

Select “Device”.

Select “Smart Plug”.

Select “Smart Plug, 2-Outlet (HS107)”.

Follow the step-by-step instructions on screen to power up and connect the device to the app.

Once connected and able to control via the app, please check in with the Looper team so that we can confirm remote access is complete.


3. Connect powerline adapters.


User Guide:

Note: The powerline adapters should be connected directly to an outlet and not via a smart plug or extension (multi-way) adapter.

Find a power outlet close to the router and install one of the powerline adapters.

Connect the powerline adapter to the router using an ethernet cable.

Find another power outlet (must be on the same electrical circuit) close to the set-top box installation and install the other powerline adapter.

Connect an ethernet cable to the powerline adapter and leave the other end disconnected for now. This will be connected to the orange box in a later step.

Ensure that the LED lights up after a few seconds to confirm that the adapters have connected successfully.


4. Connect Set-Top Box.


The Set-Top Box will come with some set-up instructions or be set up by your provider. Follow these as best you can, ensuring that the power cord is connected directly to the smart-plug installed in step 1. 

5. Connect Orange Box.

User Guide:



(Please note that some of the sockets may be located on different sides of the box)

Locate the Orange Box close to the Set-Top Box.

Connect the ethernet cable from the powerline adapter to the ethernet port on the Orange Box.

Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT on the Set-Top Box to the HDMI IN port on the Orange Box. There are two HDMI ports on the Orange Box, it is crucial that the HDMI cable is plugged into the correct one.

Connect the infra-red (IR) transmitter to the Orange Box USB port.

Locate the IR receiver on the Set-Top Box, this may be identified in the Set-Top Box user guide if you cannot find it. Affix the self-adhesive IR transmitter over the receiver on the Set-Top Box as firmly as possible – Some set-top boxes are very sensitive to the placement of the transmitter; using a torch can help to find the position of the IR receiver behind the set-top box’s plastic case.

Finally, connect the power cord to the other outlet on the smart-plug.

At this point, the installation should be complete. The device should register itself with the Set-Top Box Tester network and become available in our control panel. Check with Looper Insights team that this has been successful.

If the Orange Box loses power or becomes disconnected for any reason, please wait at least 1 minute before turning the Orange Box back on.

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