If +30% of content on European streaming services must be produced and presumably offered locally, how will authorities validate this?

In an industry turn of events, we are just starting to hear about the new regulations that will force streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ to significantly increase the amount of homegrown European content that their platforms offer. Whilst this has been in discussion since 2018, it appears we’re not too far away from these proposed regulations becoming a reality.

There is no denying that Europeans have a hunger for Hollywood-produced films and TV series, but these new regulations will require a minimum of 30% of the streaming service’s content to be European in origin. Each country will likely have their own rules, but France’s Parliament has just passed a law to increase this number to 60%! The European Commission is attempting to prevent the big American VoD services from engulfing local cultures.

Where are we now?

Amazon Prime Video appears to lead the way in this arena, offering over 30% of local content to Germany, Italy and Spain. Netflix isn’t performing too badly sitting just under the 30% mark, but Disney+ appears to be lagging behind with only 10% of their content being country-specific in their European markets. With these new rules coming into play though, we understand that Disney+ is taking this seriously, and has plans to develop 50 European originals for their platform before 2024.

And what about the future?

If that doesn’t seem enough of a struggle, it’s believed that due to Brexit, the distribution of UK-produced TV and Film content will be reduced across Europe. Whilst European regulators believe the UK entertainment market threatens “cultural diversity”, there is no denying that the UK Film and TV industry is the largest in Europe.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the streaming services though, as European content production has been high on the agenda for each of the top 3 platforms anyway. Successful Spanish and German language shows have paid dividends across America, so hopefully the services can take advantage of these new quotas and produce some globally renowned titles. 

So how do regulators keep track?

It’s all well and good producing so many more home-grown titles, but how can regulators ensure the local content is being offered up to viewers ahead of other titles? Visibility of these titles is going to be key to verify the percentage of local content on offer, and with Looper Insight’s unique solution, visibility in each region can be achieved. Of course for the VoD providers, how the content is promoted by the platforms on Connected Devices (Smart TV, Streaming, Gaming and set top box devices) will be pivotal to the success of their new titles, and to acquire more views and increase their number of subscribers in each market.

The Looper Insights merchandising solution gives customers their placement data so they can see how their apps and titles are being promoted over time. This placement data can then be mapped against subscription, viewing or sales data to generate competitive insights on placement ROI.


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